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Jarvis Garage Door Service is all about ensuring the ultimate garage door service experience for the Fremont, CA residential community. I, and everyone on my team, am fully committed to providing exceptional customer service in the local community. My roots run deep here and I am totally involved in many community projects.

I was very fortunate to learn my craft from my father who in turn learned it from my grandfather. Mine is a 4 generation family business and takes “family oriented” to an entirely new level.

For over 34 years, my family-owned and operated business has been providing exceptional garage door service to the Fremont, CA area. My grandfather was one of first to service overhead doors way back in 1927. Family values are important to my company. I operate this family business with pure integrity. Every one of my customers is treated with honesty. It is with great pride that I can state that over 90% of my business is based on return customers and customer referrals. This indicates I am doing something right.

My goal is to make the generations before me proud of the service the family business provides for those we serve in Fremont, CA. Additionally, I am dedicated to increasing the customer base by continuously offering the most efficient garage door service in the region. Get in contact with Jarvis Garage Door Service today for family service you can count on.